Friday, October 19, 2012

Our political system

The political season is heating up and major elections are coming soon. Your sixth grader is old enough to study the basics of government so that they can understand the political system as it was created by the founding fathers.
Beyond understanding the mechanics of the system, sixth graders are old enough to begin having opinions about what they believe is the way the world and our country should be run.
Does your child know what your political philosophy is? Does she understand the basic principles of the different political parties? This is a great opportunity to make sure your child understands what your beliefs are, and where you stand on issues that they will hear about on TV and radio.
Remember that sixth graders still tend to think in absolutes, so you might have to explain why you belong to one party, but support views of the opposing party in certain circumstances. Sixth graders can’t change the world, yet, but at some point they will be the decision makers, world leaders, and employees. It is not too early to teach them and help them learn the foundation of the beliefs that will form who they become as adults.

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