Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writing in the Homeschool

Writing is definitely one of those subjects that can lose a student's interest rapidly. So, making writing interesting and keeping it lively is often a very difficult task. As we have posted about before, using a blog can really bring it to life. Yet, the important thing is to get the student writing.

I have noticed over the years of teaching, that students who just can't seem to write - often write very well once they start doing it. Practice...practice is the key with writing proficiency. Yes, the basic tools are necessary - correct grammar and syntax, correct usage, and correct punctuation are essential to good writing but the young writer must practice to gain proficiency.

Finding the key - they passion that the young writer needs to begin writing is what makes the difference. Find what they love - use it to get them writing - and then have them write...write...write!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Literature Based Learning

Homeschoolers use various methods of teaching, consequently one of those commonly used is literature based learning. Using literature as the foundation for education is an excellent method of teaching. Students can learn by reading "live" books, or in other words books that make learning the facts come to life.

Many subjects can be integrated into this type of learning method. Science, history, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and even mathematics can be learned through this method. In fact, this type of teaching/learning was initiated and made popular by Charlotte Mason. She believed that "live" books were written by people who were passionate about their topic. Thus, the information given through those books would be more appealing to the reader.

A student can learn about far away lands, about WWII, and about many other interesting facts just by reading great literature. An exciting way to learn...