Thursday, October 20, 2011

Science Studies

Science...another one of those enigmatic studies that students either love or hate. Science can be a high interest topic or one of disdain. How can we make science interesting for all of our children? Typically, the type of curriculum, or how the subject is presented makes all the difference in the world to how our students perceive it.

If we can present science in an interesting manner - one that corresponds with our student's learning styles - and engage our students in science that they can do. They can make real live connections, and applications that will last a lifetime. Teaching science with hands on experiences, including experiments and projects makes it real to students.

There are many homeschooling curricula out there that have been written expressly for this purpose. We particularly enjoy the Apologia series. It makes the connections and allows for experience making science real for the student!

Monday, October 10, 2011

History and Homeschooling

How do you do history? History can be presented to the student in many different ways. Yet, the key to history is making it come alive. History can be dull, factual, and as old and dusty as the books that the facts come from. Yet, making history come alive is really quite simple.

As we mentioned before - literature or "live" books can make history an interesting subject - one the student will want to devour. You can also make history interactive by using online courses, materials that incorporate intense activity such as creating timelines, making projects, and the best method...visiting historical sites. This is the best way to make history come alive! Visiting places such as Monticello, Mount Vernon, the Statue of Liberty, and even Washington, D.C. Students who see history - can really understand and feel history. Experience is the best way to make facts come alive!