Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writing in the Homeschool

Writing is definitely one of those subjects that can lose a student's interest rapidly. So, making writing interesting and keeping it lively is often a very difficult task. As we have posted about before, using a blog can really bring it to life. Yet, the important thing is to get the student writing.

I have noticed over the years of teaching, that students who just can't seem to write - often write very well once they start doing it. Practice...practice is the key with writing proficiency. Yes, the basic tools are necessary - correct grammar and syntax, correct usage, and correct punctuation are essential to good writing but the young writer must practice to gain proficiency.

Finding the key - they passion that the young writer needs to begin writing is what makes the difference. Find what they love - use it to get them writing - and then have them write...write...write!

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