Sunday, July 10, 2011

Homeschooling 6th Grade Math

Math is one of those subjects that most people have a love/hate relationship with. They like some of it, and hate a lot of it. I personally love most all of it! I began to enjoy math when I was in 9th grade. I had a terrible teacher in the public school that I went to, and I began to fail. My parents sent me back to the Christian school that I had been in, and I had a math teacher that really cared. She began to make sure that I was getting the concepts each day. It was amazing, I immediately began to do better and within the year I had an A average.

The moral of the story is that though math is a subject that many people just express a dislike for, the dislike typically comes from not doing well at the subject matter. Once a person feels accomplishment in what they are doing, they usually say that they like it. Math is no different. If a student can begin to feel confident and experience success at what they are learning, it won't be long before they will say- they like it...OK maybe even just a little..."It's okay."

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