Wednesday, July 20, 2011

6th Grade Grammar

Grammar is not the most exciting subject on the table, yet grammar is one of the most necessary foundational subjects that we learn in our lifetime. Grammar is an abstract logic based subject and requires deep thought and some memorization. Knowing the 8 parts of speech is key to getting a good grasp on the nuances of grammar itself. It also doesn't help that our language has so many rules and exceptions to those rules.

Teaching grammar to 6th graders can often be a challenge. The sixth grader is entering into the abstract phase of thinking, yet their minds are still leaning toward seeing the concept in its concrete form. If you can, in some way, make grammar instruction concrete for these students it will aid in their comprehension of the facts. My 6th grader so enjoyed doing the grammar lessons in her online course. The course gave the instruction in an animated and exciting way, and then allowed for interaction which translated to drill and practice of the facts that she had learned that day. Finding a method of doing grammar which translates to a bit of fun for the learner is often the key!

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