Sunday, April 10, 2011

Raising Responsible Children

Homeschooling is by nature - different. So naturally, we would understand that the product it produces is different. Oh.... am I so glad of that. The school system is producing young people that are... well, down right scary! They are so confused about everything from education to who they are... I am seriously concerned about our future.

The homeschooled students that I am acquainted with tend to be mature, responsible, and respectful. In fact, they are so nice that you just enjoy being around them! So, in my experience - homeschooling produces really great kids! But why? What is so different about homeschooling that changes how these children turn out? It's simple really. Homeschooling removes the peer pressure, and the student is left to focus on school, family, and developing themselves according to their individual gifts. The homeschooled student doesn't have to have the right clothes, the right shoes, look perfect, do cool things (like drugs and sex), and act tough just to feel accepted. They are loved and accepted by those around them, just because of who they are... part of the family!

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