Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tips for Beginning

Once you have made your decision to homeschool, and then delved into the wide world of curriculum options, how do you set up? There are a few things that every homeschooler needs to do to be successful.

1) Choose a curriculum that matches your children's learning style. Allow them to express themselves in how they learn, and encourage their strengths...let them fly!
2) Enroll in a homeschool program or enroll with your state as an independent homeschooler.
3) Keep good records. I like to keep my children's test papers or portfolios for several years, after that it is up to them if they want to keep them or not.
4) Keep attendance records. - You can count your field trip days!!!
5) Don't be afraid to change something that just isn't working for your family. It's better to waste a little bit of money, than to be totally frustrated all year because of a curriculum that isn't working!

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