Thursday, October 12, 2017

History of Learning: Where are we today?

School Choice is such a hot phrase these days although I'm not really sure why. I think the big concept should be quality. School and educational quality. What difference does it make if you can apply to a crappy charter school, pay for a crappy private school, attend a crappy public school, or struggle thru some sort of virtual school experience. The real value is in having on great quality choice.

As a parent, I like quality. I love neighborhood schools since they build communtiy, the kids know their neighbors, it makes all feel right with the world. But it relies on quality. Not choice. Choice is divisive, confusing, and I'm not sure how it helps.

Now students should have some choice in their curriculum, about what they want to study and what they want to learn. VSC and other technolgoy base programs give the school all sorts of flexibility . For instance, a student can create their own word lists from their own studies on VSC.

There are 35 different learning games that can be used with these lists whether the student or teacher or school creates them. Enjoy!

Yes that is a playing card joker.

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