Thursday, August 21, 2014

Middle School Homeschool

It’s time for the start of another school year.  Lesson plans have been created, pencils purchased, and new books line the bookshelves.  The kids may even be excited for the year to begin because they are ready to get back to the business of learning.  An important question as the year begins is have you planned for the fun of learning?

As children begin their middle school years, it can become more and more important to be sure that they are focused on their educations.  They have requirements that have to be met as they grow as students.  It can be easy to overlook the fun stuff.  The fun stuff, however, is what they learn from the best.  It can be difficult to work something exciting into everyday, and it’s not necessary for each day to be thrilling, but it’s important that several days or weeks not pass by without some stimulating project, science experiments, or interaction.

Don’t forget the fun in your middle school homeschool!

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