Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What now?

You might be wondering what to do next if you have just pulled your child to home school. Don’t worry, even those of us who have been home schooling for a while sometimes have to hit the reset button about this time of year.
What we need to do, both new homeschoolers and veteran homeschoolers alike, is decide what works for our children, and what doesn’t. One way to help figure that out is to figure out your child’s learning style. Oddly enough, you may not know what your child’s learning style is if they have been in traditional school up until this point.
My child is a visual learner, but she is not limited to one learning style, oh no! Lucky me, she is a complicated sort of child who learns some things only by listening, some things by seeing it done, some things by actually doing whatever it is she is trying to learn. Take a little time and figure out what your child’s learning style is, compare that to how well they did last semester. Then, consider if you should continue the type of curriculum he was using last semester, of if things need changing. Once you have figured that out, get ready to home school!

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