Thursday, August 2, 2012


Summer isn’t over yet. I know that the traditional school year is about to get started, and for some of us it is a great relief. We do school year round, but find that some of the places we go during the regular school year are very crowded during the summer.
After saying that you might wonder what the title has to do with the body of this post. Let me explain. One of the things our 6th graders need to learn is history. Unfortunately, reading about things that happened hundreds of years ago, or even fifty years ago is just dry and boring.
A great way to make history come alive is to actually let your child experience it. You can do this by checking with re-creation societies and living history museums. There are even things to be learned at renaissance fairs.
We have done this type of learning two ways. Sometimes we study the book learning ahead of time, and build the anticipation to an event or vacation. We have also had the opportunity to visit the event, and then come back home and do the study. There are pros and cons as to which you do first, but don’t forget to do the book learning part. I’ll give you an example next time!

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