Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Visual learners are one type of student. They tend to learn by seeing. Computer programs and online curriculum are a good choice for these students. Visual learners tend to not want to repeat lessons so things like spelling lists that take all week with a test on Friday are usually not a good fit.
What visual learners like is fast paced, colorful, and energetic curriculum. So if your child is a visual learner, consider moving to something other than the traditional school based curriculum of text books and workbooks. Look for engaging programs that have a lot of movement and energy.
Visual learners sometimes have trouble with tasks like reading and writing. I know that my daughter has a lot of trouble with writing anything. It is not necessarily because she can’t create, but because she cannot create on paper as fast as her brain can think. If your child has this problem also, stay tuned, I will give you a couple of suggestions for things that have worked for us!

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