Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Learning with Technology

Can you believe how much technology has evolved over the past 5 years? It is unbelievable how the face of education itself has changed due to the effect of technological advancements over the past decade. However, I am concerned over the fact that technology has become such an integrated part of our daily lives, yet most education does not reflect this. Yes, the school systems have required technology inclusion for each day and for each student. But this technology inclusion is not reflective of the requirements the student will face in real life.
Face it, in the future our children will need to have education in technology just to function in society. Do we realize that teenagers these days don't socialize - they have a social network. They don't "chat" they text on their smart phones. People have the world at their fingertips almost all day long. How do we reflect that in the education that we give our children?
I don't know about you, but at our house our homeschool curriculum incorporates technology every day. Not that I am a proponent of being on the cell phone or the computer all hours of the day, but the fact that our children need to be technologically savvy to make it in the future. I am trying to help them be prepared to meet the demands of an ever increasing technological world.

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