Saturday, August 20, 2011

Homeschool spelling

Once upon a time, I was a very frustrated mother when it came to spelling lists for my 5 homeschooled children. I tried (insanely I might add) to do each of them as separate grades with separate lists and separate tests! OHHHHH that was nuts! Then I tried to incorporate a few of them into levels, and then give combined lists - and tests. A little less nuts, but still pretty crazy. I searched endlessly for a way to tame the huge paper tiger that I had looming over me every week.

I finally found Vocabulary and Spelling! It was love at first sight. Truly amazing..... My children could use the lists I wanted them to use, or choose from others that they have available and practice their lists with really cool animated interactive games. They could also take the test right there on the internet, with it scoring it as they went. (Ahhhhhhh) Then came the icing on top of this wonderful sweetness.... all that I had to do was go and check their records and print off their grades. Wow... I was hooked - no more headaches and no more paper tiger! Amazing....

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