Friday, May 20, 2011

Sixth Grade Requirements

Homeschool parents fluctuate on the issue of keeping their children up to state standards. Each states' basic homeschool requirements differ, and some states do not require students to reach a specific achievement goal. However, many states do require the student to be standardized tested at least every 3 years. To meet the typical standardized test levels the students typically need to meet the state standards in their yearly studies.

For sixth grade these standards include:
1) Reading at grade level with corresponding vocabulary skill
2) Students should have grade level literary comprehension skills
3) Comprehensive grade level knowledge of grammar and sentence construction
4) Research and writing skills
5) Skills in math should include - measurement, geometry, algebra, and data analysis & probability.
6) Science includes astronomy, hydrology, meteorology, and geology.
7) Social studies should include geography, government and civics, economics, and history study.

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