Sunday, February 20, 2011

Curriculum Options

Research shows that homeschooling is the fastest growing method of education in America today. Many people ask why...but it should be obvious that our public school system is just not making the grade. We keep throwing money at it and making ridiculous tests the determinant for everything. Yet, good education comes from something deeper, a desire to learn. We have a whole culture that is ungrateful and self serving...this carries over into the expectations we have from education. What is the difference between American students and Chinese students? Could it be that they value their education more, so they take it more seriously? These are deep thoughts, but I believe this is the root of why America isn't producing the top education youth of the world. Parents with little or no education are producing better educated children with no high cost involved! That always amazes me!

Since homeschooling is one of the fastest growing methods of educating - so the curriculum made specifically for homeschooling is also growing! There are a huge amount of options out there waiting for you to explore. So many, that it might actually be overwhelming for a beginning homeschooler. Though this blog is dedicated to online curriculum, which there are many great options for, I will also point out some other helpful types of curriculum.

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